Next Generation Connector

The designer behind our connector, Poul Cadovius was one of the first furniture designers working with plastics, experienced from his glassfibre reinforced composite production of chairs, bus-sheds, and Sagitta sailing yachts. However, for the important connector of the Abstracta steel tube system, he had to decide on die cast zinc because a sufficiently strong composite material did not exist. This made injection molding of the connectors impossible back then, but not anymore.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry was in the year 2000 awarded jointly to 3 laureates from USA, New Zealand and Japan for their discovery of the molecular elements of Polymers. In 2015 a composite with a 50% glassfibre reinforced Polymer became available. This is now basis for the new, injection molded, black, lightweight Abstracta connector, that is in exactly the same visual appearance as in 1960.

From 2017 we have been able to offer better sustainability with 80% lighter and improved connectors, that fit perfect into the steel tubes. A quality guaranteed by the registered trademark, Abstracta System│Design Poul Cadovius ®.