Assembly Instructions

Congratulations with your new Abstracta® System furniture!

All our products whitin the Abstracta® System C-series will be delivered fully assembled. If you have bought a product from the O-series or a customized Abstracta® System furniture, please continue reading.

Step One - Instructions

Abstracta is based upon steel tubes and connectors. The easiest way to begin assembly is to simplify each section. All units are assembled by building "bones" first, then by building either horizontal or vertical "ladders," described below.
With your specific unit in mind, decide if you want to build the horizontal or the vertical sections first. Do not attempt to build both simultaneously. This will make assembly far more difficult.

Tools you need: Soft rubber hammer/mallet.

Step Two - Abstracta "Bones"

A single tube with the inserted connectors, is considered a "bone."

To assemble a bone, insert connectors into a tube making sure the connectors are symmetric to each other (the connectors are represented by color coding on unit specific instructions). This is shown with the piece of wood in the diagram. Partially tap connectors into tubes. Once you have confirmed that both ends are correctly placed, hammer until connector is flush with the tube.

Follow this procedure of making "bones" throughout assembly.

For every square section of an Abstracta unit only the two tubes that make the depth of the square are bones. The intermittent tubes will be added later.

Step Three - Abstracta "Ladders"

Once all of the bones for a section have been assembled, lay them out parallel to each other and insert the intermittent tubes. These are ladders. Fully assemble each ladder referencing the color coded instructions for accurate connector placement. If your design is a tower, your horizontal ladder will be as simple as a square.

Step Four

When all ladders are complete, lay the beginning section on the floor and hammer in the first set of vertical tubes. If your unit includes legs (short tubes on the bottom) do not add these yet.

Once you confirm that everything is in place, make sure tubes are flush to connectors. There should be no space or gap between the tube and the connector.

Step Five

Place the next ladder on the open tubes. Gently tap in the ladder slightly by about 1/4″ to insert the connector arms on the ladder into the first set of tubes. Based upon the length of the ladder it is often easier to insert the connections into groupings or pairs.
Once all connectors from the ladder are in place, hammer all of the connectors half way as some may not remain in place. Go over them once more, hammering them in all the way, making them flush with the tubes. This progression is to avoid stress on the connector arms.

Step Six

Hammer in the second set of vertical tubes and then the next ladder repeating the same procedure until finished.

Step Seven - Legs

If your unit has legs, confirm everything is correctly in place and tight on the entire unit before adding them. Place the legs on last and hammer them so they are flush. The legs are basically permanent as they are shorter than the disconnect tool itself and not recommended for removal.
Once assembly is complete push the plastic glides into the short tubes. All open tubes should have plastic glides inserted. Glides are not designed to be removed. Hammering the unit once they are in place may cause damage to glides. Therefore, it is important that this is a last step in the construction of your unit.

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