Abstracta System Revival Project


When the words "Danish design" are mentioned, many will think minimalistic, clean and functional. The Danish design and architecture produce functionalism and simplicity. Danish design may make someone think of the many famous and luxurious brands for the home, like Arne Jacobsen, George Jensen, Bodum, Piet Hein, Rosendahl, and so on. 


Abstracta ® System is a registered trademark of the classic furniture system consisting of steel tubes and connectors, which architect and furniture designer Poul Cadovius invented and created great success with in the 1960´s, in Copenhagen. The furniture system provides possibilities for fast and easy construction.

The number of furniture that can be designed from the Abstracta System is virtually endless. We think that this makes the furniture system and the products both unique and beautiful. The system gives professional interior designers, architects and private individuals the opportunity to create their own furniture. Furniture with right angles and 13mm round steel tubes, provided with optional tabletops and shelves made of wood, stone, glass and metal. The possibilities become numerous and endless as the tubes can be cut to any desired length, and the six different connectors can be added together with a tabletop or shelf. With Abstracta System, it's only the creativity that stops you from creating furniture that is tailored for you and your personal style.

The minimalistic and modern looking furniture system Abstracta is in line with what is characterized and typical for Danish design, the simplicity and the functionality.